KISIMA® immunisation platform

Novel immunisation technology platform

We have developed KISIMA® (‘well’ in Swahili), our first-in-class proprietary immunisation technology platform. The peptide/protein-based vaccination technology is self-adjuvanting and enables the assembly of patented fusion molecules, all essential to generate potent immunity, into one single vaccine.

KISIMA® is highly versatile and we plan to develop vaccines for various cancer indications.

Powerful and highly versatile

KISIMA’s novel immunisation technology enables the assembly of all the components necessary for a potent anti-tumour immune response into one single therapeutic vaccine.

3 components in a one single vaccine

Thanks to this novel proprietary construct, the KISIMA® platform can uniquely and simultaneously provide all the parameters essential for an efficient therapeutic vaccine:

  • Induce helper and cytotoxic T cells
  • Promote immunological memory
  • Target a broad patients population (different antigen and HLA restriction)

KISIMA® immunisation is shown to work in synergy with different immune checkpoint inhibitors in several tumour models.

KISIMA® technology can be used to deliver:

  • tumor-associated antigens
  • neo-antigens
  • modified epitopes