Technology platform

Amal Therapeutic is developing a novel cancer vaccine platform that is able to simultaneously (i) stimulate multi-epitopic cytotoxic T cell-mediated immunity, (ii) induce helper T (Th) cells and (iii) promote immunological memory.  These 3 parameters are essential to generate potent anti-tumor immunity.

To achieve this, Amal engineers a recombinant vaccine based on a fusion protein of a Cell Penetrating Peptides (CPPs) with a multi-antigenic chimeric cargo.

The CPP allows for efficient protein transport and loading into the dendritic cells’ antigen processing machinery. The cargo is a rationally designed chimeric protein with various CD8+ and CD4+ epitopes. The resulting vaccines promote an integrated and multi-epitopic immune response.

The platform is versatile and can be developed for any cancer indications with defined tumor associated antigens.